About Me

Aloha All,

I’m a novelist and screenwriter with degrees from Boston University and Emerson College who lives in Hawaii. My posts are generally about books, current events, sports, travel, and basically anything that pops into my head here in Hawaii. I sincerely appreciate you visiting the site and reading.

If you are interested in reading any of books, my first novel A Model Community can be found here for printed copies or on Amazon for your Kindle. A Model Community is set in Hollywood circa 1999, and tells the story of Dean Reardon, a struggling screenwriter who is attempting to reconnect with his college sweetheart who’s engaged to one of the town’s biggest movie producers. With the backdrop of a town obsessed with fame, money, booze, and drugs, Dean is looking for lost love and redemption in a place that projects happy endings on the silver screen, but is less charitable with them in reality.

My newest novel Lost in the Fog is available on Inkshares for pre-order. It’s a book for those who enjoy classic crime & mystery capers but with a modern twist. It’s The Big Lebowski meets The Thomas Crown Affair. It’s like the taste of a coffee spiked with whiskey on a foggy afternoon after you’ve ditched work or school . . . or something to that effect. You can read more about the novel here.

Mahalo and thanks for reading!


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